Hoop and Charm Size Guide


– JudeFrances hoops are designed to mix and match with a variety of earring charms.

– Hoops that are designed to be worn with charms begin with an EH (earring hoop). Hoops that begin with a PH (petite hoop) are made for charms from the Petites Collection.

– When styling a hoop + charm combo be sure to match the scale of the hoop with the charm. These bestselling hoops can be worn with any size charm and fit best on the lobe.

– Hoops in the Petites Collection represent a more miniature scale and should be worn with charms from the Petites Collection.


We recommend you consider the scale of a charm when curating a hoop + charm look. Charms from the Petites Collection are designed specifically for the hoop from the collection and will not fit all nonpetite hoops.

– 32 mm charms are larger than a quarter

– 25.5 mm charms are a similar size to a quarter

– 20 mm charms are a similar size to a nickel

– 16 mm charms are similar in size to a dime

– 10.2 mm and charms from the Petites Collection are smaller than a dime

Hoop Earring 101:

When worn often, hoop earrings can loosen. We recommend you clean your hoops every six months to keep them in the best possible shape. During this cleaning time– assess if the hoops needs to be adjusted.

1. Gently press down on the hoops post to tighten the hoop. You should feel the hoop gradually become tighter and snap securly in place.

2. To loosen a hoop, gently press up on the hoop post to loosen the security of the post. You should feel the snap of the hoop become easier.

Did your post change colors?

Daily Care: Protect your jewelry by removing it while swimming, showering, exercising, washing your hands, or applying any products such as perfumes, lotions, or hair products. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products; however, if your jewelry should be exposed to any of the above products, you might notice a loss of luster over time. Tarnishing may also be caused by the skin’s natural pH levels.

You might notice discoloration on your hoop post, that is normal it does not mean the item is defective. For some people, the unique PH of your body mixed with the metal can change the color of the 18k gold. Because the post sits inside your ear your body’s natural chemistry alters the metal. Nothing can be done to stop this from happening. Just know it is normal and not defective.