Stacking 101

Mixing and matching different metals, designs, and styles of bracelets is an excellent way to switch up your everyday look. Stacking different bracelets and mixing metals has become a huge trend in recent years. What makes JudeFrances unique is that every one of our bracelets is different yet can all be cohesively stacked. Stackables are perfect for any occasion and can elevate any look.

Sport different bracelet stacks to showcase your personality for any occasion. With seasonal fashion trends and the constant utilization of smartphones, our hands are on display more than ever. Stacking bracelets and mixing metals isn’t about the number of bracelets you stack but is about the individual pieces you wear and how they make for a cohesive and curated wrist. It’s important to start simple- don’t dig up every piece of jewelry in the back of your drawer, but instead start with a combination of a few small bracelets. Create a mix of chains, cuffs, thin bangles, and dainty chain bracelets. A more substantial bracelet usually makes an excellent base for layering thin bangles upon it. Another popular look is stacking 3-6 bracelets of the same size but of different metals such as gold, rose gold, and white gold. The beauty in mixing bracelets is that you can curate your wrist to your liking depending on your mood and look that day. If you’re layering a lot of bracelets on one wrist, it’s better to keep your rings and necklaces minimal and straightforward. However, if you’re stacking 2-3 different bangles, stacked rings go perfectly with a simpler bracelet combination. Below are some combinations of JudeFrances bracelets that are perfect for every day.

Combo #1

Combo #2