New Promotions in Bloom

As we shift into spring – many things begin to bloom. Flowers, collections –opportunities.

We take a step into the warmer season with a chat from our gal Jude, as she highlights some of the excitement within the JF empire itself.

Jude and the company have high values and standards. The company has always believed in designing high-quality pieces at reasonable prices. “Stunning designs, quality materials, and beautiful jewelry for every woman, every season of life – but loyalty will be our value above all else” and this value is shared among many within company walls.

Leadership and loyalty are top trends among JudeFrances’ inspiring leaders.

As Jude says, “A good leader has characteristics such as integrity, accountability, empathy, humility, vision, and resilience. Truly great leaders inspire others to do things they never thought they could do.

It’s taken me years to understand the importance of hiring the right people with a growth vision to help me build and successfully run this company. True leaders definitely have some natural ability but also are always learning, growing, and improving. I feel grateful to work with so many wonderful leaders at my company.”

Therefore, we are so honored to announce the promotion of March Poynter-Scurria, our new President and Derrick Poe, who has been promoted to the Director of National and New Business Development.

March Poynter

March joined JudeFrances in 2008 as a Regional Account Manager. In her fourteen years at the company, and 21 years in the industry itself, she is ready to take JudeFrances to new heights. Her leadership has helped expand our reach to over 100 retail locations nationwide. Although opening new accounts will always be her main focus, her forte is in customer relations.

She has a talent for forecasting style trends and knowing exactly what the JudeFrances customer is looking for next, season after season. “I’m passionate about forming connections with each JudeFrances customer, especially at our live events. With every interaction, I am inspired to make sure the next collection has something unique just for them. Something they can’t live without.”

Derrick Poe

Derrick joined us in March of 2021 as a Regional Sales Manager and quickly opened numerous strategic accounts. Derrick first began his career in luxury jewelry at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills as the Assistant Manager of Designer Jewelry, then moving to the wholesale side as the East Coast Account Executive for Konstantino, and then Armenta. Derrick brings a vast depth of unique industry experience and knowledge.

March and Derrick possess so many special qualities – both are extroverts who thrive when able to share their passion for JudeFrances products with current and new customers. However, the thing we cherish most about them is their ability to work well as a team, and they are excellent communicators, collaborators, and problem solvers.

These two employees are incredibly loyal and driven. The collection of talents and expertise they bring to JudeFrances is truly phenomenal and the entire JF team feels incredibly fortunate to have them promoted to these leadership positions.

We’re excited about March and Derrick’s continued growth and the new journey they are embarking on.

Please join us in congratulating both of these incredible individuals.