Layering Pendants

Pendants are bold, unique, and one of a kind pieces that can be layered with dainty necklaces and thin chokers. Although some pendants can be intimidating to wear on an everyday basis, they are perfect for elevating any look and will certainly have people talking. Because each JudeFrances pendant is so unique, layering 1-2 necklaces from the new JudeFrances Petites collection is the perfect accent for an eye-catching pendant. Pendants come in all sizes, designs, and colors. Mixing 2-3 different sized pendants of different designs on a nice open neck top or low-cut sweater has been a huge trend of 2019 thus far. Accessorizing is the most essential part of any look. Wearing a gold or white gold pendant with a colored stone on top of 2 smaller pendants of the same metal color is a personal favorite. It’s not about making your neck look busy, but it’s about curating it to the occasion. Whether you’re layering a few small pendants or wearing a single bold one, it’s no secret that pendants complete every look.

On an everyday basis, layering one or two pendants with a dainty necklace is a look that is here to stay. For example, layer the Tiny Lisse Half Kite Open Round Pendant, Provence Champagne Tiny Cross Pendant and Tiny Moroccan Oval Stone & Quad Pendant