JudeFrances Collection Guide


This collection features classic and timeless designs perfect for capsule wardrobe pieces. Within this collection you will find brilliant hues of blues, and our notable quad and trio motifs on 18k gold.

This Provence line is influenced by the beautiful shades of the region’s unique landscape made up of river valleys, coastlands, hilltop villages, blossoming lavender fields, and the intricate iron and metalwork found within its historic monuments and architecture. Its alluring beauty has inspired the designs of JudeFrances and the works of some of the most well known artists like Van Gogh, Matisse, and Cezanne.

This collection is perfect for anyone who wants to incorporate an edgy twist on traditional staple pieces, with recognizable elements like the kite accents and baguette gemstones. Lisse is known for its beautiful flower fields lined with vibrant tulips, unique windmills, and abundant canals. This combined with the intricate shapes and visual lines of the Dutch architecture inspired this unique and eclectic collection with styles you’ll never want to take off.



Rich with history and culture, the Moroccan aesthetic is well-known for its distinctive colors, shapes, and patterns across art, design, tapestry, furniture, and architecture. This collection takes you to the streets of Casablanca. You’ll witness the shapes and colors of the Mediterranean showcased in vibrant blue gemstones and silhouettes that play homage to its namesake. This collection features more bold, statement pieces, perfect for the contemporary, fashion-forward shopper.

Why limit yourself to only one style, when the Mixed Metal collection is a perfect blend of the Provence, Lisse, and Moroccan collection restyled as two-toned jewelry. Combining 18k yellow gold and sterling silver all in one, these mixed metal designs are on trend, affordable pieces that do not sacrifice quality.


The petites collection is a fun way to show your style by offering individual pieces that can be mixed and matched to fit your personal aesthetic. Play with different designs to create a decorated ear, stackable rings, and layered necklaces and bracelets.

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